Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Athena A Goddess' Shawl

The Goddess Shawl is an inspiration from the Goddess Athena, yet all you Goddesses and Gods out there may wear this shawl.  It is a very fast Knit as well and it blocks fantastic, depending on your desire of how big you want this shawl and how detail you want it to look.

I like rectangular shawls a lot, and this kind of gives it  a prayer shawl look, but you can use it for anything that your heart desires, from strolling by the banks of the River, to sitting down by the fireplace in Your house.This is done in Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool with a gauge of 3 stitches an inch on seed stitch unblocked.
I like the way it wraps around, so it may be used as a scarf in a more denser version , by folding it upon itself lengthwise.
I enjoy sitting to read and keeping my shoulders warm.  Made  for the Goddess Athena, but allowed to be worn by mortal men and women, it will be up for sale on the side bar real soon.Thanks for stopping by.

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