Sunday, May 09, 2010

Goddess Shawl

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy
I never thought that lace would be such a fun challenge, yet it was and is. I decided to design this pattern for a Woman's Shawl, the Goddess none the less. It is coming out beautifully and it is thanks to the help of my friend Naomi and her almost infinite patience lol! I did a prior swatch and I blocked it , but I did not like the way it look. Sometimes when you are designing you get into the math and forget the aesthetics and vice versa. I have been able to create a pattern for a woman or a Goddess take your pick or is it the same?

This is the Goddess Shawl and there is a Scarf alongside it, but I have not tested the pattern yet. This Shawl Pattern is fun and has a very creative stitch definition. It is to be blocked lightly, and it comes from few stitches grows up and comes down again to the the start. Anyway this is my newest creation and it is definitely a Shawl that any woman can wear with pride, but don't let my words stop you, any male can wear this shawl even I will be making one for myself. Thanks for stopping by.

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