Monday, April 12, 2010

Spinning Sunday

The book on the left is something I am looking forward to to help me along my spinning.    Iit is not Sunday any more, but I can tell you I spent most of the weekend practicing my spinning.  The discovery of my spinning skills and how I spin was a nice thing to see.  As I went on a day by day basis I realized that this spinning is like drop spindle spinning in a way.  Well this guy has gone bunkers you say!  Not at all , your body , specifically your hands , your feet and the coordination of both needs to be learned by the brain.  It may take about 21 days of daily continuous practice to create this habit.  As I am going along this journey I see how my drafting changes and how my yarn develops different.  The last skein of yarn that I did yesterday actually had a bit of draping without much blocking and the twist was a lot better than the other day.  Anyway thanks for stopping by and I am hoping to spin along  on drop spindle and spinning wheel and have a lot of fun.

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