Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home Spun The adventure

Homespun (4)
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I will tell you that my hopes is to make yarn and teach people how to make their own yarns. So far I noticed that it is exactly like the Drop Spindle in a sense. You need to practice and become the observer. WHen you become this observer you pay attention to your hands, your feet, what is happening to the fiber in your hands and on the flyer. How am I drafting, how fast is this thing going lol!. Don't worry I am a true believe that your body and brain will get into an automatic mode and you will be able to create various yarns easily. One thing that you need is lots of practice. I got a gift from a friend Teach yourself Visually Hand-Dyeing, it is a book worth my studying.

As You can see I am always reading and learning something.  I enjoy reading different people's ideas and listening to different people about how they approach something and then I can pick the best way for me.  I personally would not go to the last place I went to take a Spinning Wheel Class, but I am defintiely returning to A Verb For Keeping Warm in Berkeley for their Navajo Plying Class this Saturday, I am hoping to join them in the summer for the natural dyeing class.

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