Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ashford Book of Carding

The Ashford Book of Carding (Ashford Craft Series) is a fantastic book for your library and it will give you an insight into carding and color blending while carding.  It shows you the different kinds of carding and what each one gives to you.  The color theory is not new, but it definitely gives you the show and tell to demonstrate what is it they are talking about.  There are some projects on the back of the book that you may want to involve yourself in, but it is not necessary to get the best out of this book.  This book is in an easy to understand language that you will be able to translate into art, yes you heard me right.  After reading this book I am very comfortable that you will be able to take risks into carding with color to create unique blends.  There is also a brief explanation on how to use different kinds of animal fibers to create a more soft or lustrous blend.  Thanks for stopping by.

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