Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some WIP and nothing special!

I have been silently working , even sheepishly working on a hat pattern for Tapestry crochet like there is no tomorrow. I am done on part one, but part two is printing the instructions and following them like the reader would. It is better to do this while I have the Muse of Crochet Tapestry embellished by my yarn charms. I want to make sure that the hats I make are financially sensible within reason. If yarn Stores would pay more attention to crocheters they will be making more money that even, we use more yarn in a crochet item than a knit on the norm. I want YOU to be able to to make them with one or two skeins, more than that is just not going to be fun, unless is made of remnants and the project becomes a different animal.This is the Only Picture that is anywhere on the Internet of the Hat's Crown, It is beautiful and so unique and it will come two two terminations for different yarns. I like them both. I am creating a pattern that you can use two skeins of Aurora 8 Karabella, which is a delightful American yarn . If you ever had the chance to experience this yarn you will know how soft and how spongy it is. It is not your regular merino. Lambs' Pride is a great American yarn as well with different qualities , I like them both. There is nothing I don't like about it so I am not sure whether I will invest in DK Sport as well and do three hats on two Yarn weights. What is a designer to do? I am going to test the pattern with Brown Sheep , Lambs Pride Worsted.
This is a chart assistance from Knit Picks which I received yesterday and I shall tell you that I have no idea how I have survived all these years without it, Well if I may say so very well, using bookmarks and stuff, but wait this is magnetic so it does not move, you got my drift, I love it.
I am working on the Baby Pea Pod with some Comfy Knit Picks Yarn, I did a Russian Yarn Join and I am looking forward to it's integration into the fabric. It is very strong I can tell you, Pure Grain Vodka ! I have another 2 projects that I am working on, one is the Joel Bison Scarf and the Hemlock Ring Blank Super size Me Throw, I want it to cover me from head to toe, and at 5'6" it does not take that much yarn to do that. Thanks for stopping by.

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