Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wollen Mutsen Reversible

Two post in one day, it has happened before, lol. Sometimes when you think you know something, life comes around and shows you that youknow more than you thought. In this case I have made a Trully reversible Textured Crochet Hat without intending it to be. If stitches are done properly , this hat can be reversible as the pictures show you. The picture above is the wrong side of the fabric. The yarn is an acrylic/wool blend that I overdyed and was very happy with the result dye job. amazing. The picture in the bottom is the right side.
This is another picture of the right side. I like this pattern more than I thought I would. Yep is the same pattern than before, but with a different twist. The overdyeing was done with food coloring and red wine vinegar, I microwaved the yarn 2 minutes , resting 2 minutes , did it 3 times. Acrylic does not like to be microwave by the way, it gets a bit funky lol! Thanks for stopping by

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