Recycle me New

In this kind of economy we need to be able to recognize the need to recycle yarn. This hat was the Head Hugger hat. I was not very pleased with the hat, but I really like the yarn, so what to do? I just took apart the hat and recycled the yarn. I am doing that with some other hats as well.

What you see me using here is my new double point needles. I will tell you that it is a great joy to work with this needles on small projects as hats and mittens. There is a point when you will benefit from a circular needle, but so far I have been happy making the hats this way.

This is the "Armando Hat" you can find it in Ravelry, it is a masculine lace hat. It is an easy repeat and works fantastic with the malabrigo yarn that is suggested to be work with. I actually use number 9 US needles with this hat.This is the last view of the front of the hat. This is a great example of a Lace pattern that can be masculine and yet has the touch of a lace project. If you have not tried lace this will be a great beginners project.
To a great weekend of recycling yarn for new projects lol! Thanks for stopping by!


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