Mc Cormick Dye Sunday

This one below is colored with orange, yellow and blue and the brown is a combo of colors. DOne in the microwave in mason jars.
This yarn that you see here was lavender in color. I used Mc Cormick Neon Blue and some vinegar and with the help of the microwave I was able to get this beautiful blue. I soaked the yarn about 30 minutes before in some warm water with vinegar.Then came my lace weight yarn that I decided to dye in a Neon Green. This yarn was a Heathery Beige kind of color, I would say natural and I used the Neon Green to get this color that you see.

I microwaved this material in mason jars for 3 times of 2 minutes each and allowing 2 minutes of rest between cooking. I am very pleased with the coloring.

Mc Cormick Sunday is what today is. I figure it was a day to lift my spirits up. I have been watching a 9-11 Documentary and I was angry, I was sad, I was happy, then I was angry again. Still when I saw the passengers of Flight 93 I felt Victory and like I was able to do something about it. I would have fought with them to the death as well. I figure what better way to fight extremist today than using yarn. So after some thought on the matter and some white vinegar added I have some yarn in beautiful colors. This yarn was given to me by a Cyber Friend from Ravelry, it is her homespun. Thanks for Stopping by.


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