Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pegasus Viper Zig Zag Scarf

Hello my friends and welcome to my blog once more. So far this year I am doing more knit than crochet, but do not think anything of it. The crafts of Crochet and Knitting are in me and they come out as I feel the need to explore something. I believe my most creative times are the start of fall and spring. This scarf is to be the companion of the XOXOXO Hat and Mittens, it is the same skein of yarn. This yarn is Sonoma from Briar Rose Fibers, at 457 yards for the price you get a lot of yarn to make many different projects. More to the point this yarn is very versatile, whether is in no. 2 needles or no. 7 or 2.75 mm or 6.5 mm.
Here is the scarf after it has been blocked, the yarn is wonderful and the pattern fantastic. I gave some more to share as I am recycling some yarn. Yep you get tired of a hat just frogg it and re cast. Thanks for stopping by!

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