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Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 09 Wip

In case you are wondering what this crazy mess is. It is a skein of Noro Daria Multi that a friend gave to me. It is great for purses and cozies and caddies. It is a mess of rayon/nylon it unravels no matter what.So I have decided to crochet a caddy for my crochet hook container which is a ginger snap canister. It is looking lovely If I may say that to you.
This is a Brioche Stitch Scarf which I am working on for my Niece. It is a twisted Brioche stitch, because the stitch is twisted. It is different in the way you wrap the yarn over. By the way this yarn over happens to happen is not a yarn over on purpose. This scarf is based on the Berlin Scarf.Then here at the bottom I am making the scarf for my Pegasus mittens and hat , it is the Zig Zag Scarf, very clever design and I have enough to make a scarf. So if you buy a skein of this huge yarn you will have enough for a hat, mittens and a scarf of the same color.
Then here are my toe up socks which I am working on as well. I want to finish them before the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2009 which is Sep 3 - Sep 6 , 2009. It will be at Dumas Bay Center Around Seattle Washington, or rather at City of Federal Way in Washington State. Enough for today, I have a root Canal to rest. Thanks for stopping by!

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