Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nothing but the Rain

It is amazing when I consider that I started blogging about 4 years ago. I would have not thought that this was going to be such a fulfilling endeavor. I have to say that expressing my feelings and sharing my life with the world in general has been very satisfying. I am not a politician, nor a saint, just a creative person that loves his life and loves people. Today for whatever reason I remembered a lot of my friends that have gone before me , it was a bit sad, but nice to remember the good times we shared. On the other hand here I am sharing with you my crafts.
Hey Starbuck what do You Hear? Nothing but the rain; Well grab your gun and bring the Cat in. Nothing but the Rain is the name of this hat. It is made in a nylon fiber and it is a bit stretchy, but it has become a beautiful reversible cap.
Above picture is what I call the right side of stockinette and it looks nice. This yarn was a bit catchy on the needles so there are some loose strands that can be brought to order with a little but of fire from a lighter. I just did that very careful I may add.

The view above is the right side as well, but the view below is the wrong side or the purl side, or reverse stockinette. Beautiful on both counts, but don't go away yet, I will have a very interesting crochet project I am working on. Thanks for stopping by.

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