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Putting on the Swift

Today I finally and properly utilize my swift as I am in need of dyeing some yarn to finish a hat. I am actually over dyeing as I am dyeing over an existing color to get some degrees of Burgundy. I am also superstitious with salt, so what you see me doing after the salt fell is putting some salt over my shoulder lol! There will be pictures of the yarn after I am done dyeing it. Thanks for stopping by.

A Swift in the Making

What is a swift? A swift is a tool used to hold a skein of yarn while it is being wound off. It has an adjustable diameter so that it can hold skeins of many sizes, and rotates around a central rod. They are generally made out of wood or metal, however other materials may also be used. In the 18th and 19th centuries, swifts were sometimes made of whaleivory and they are now sought-after antiques. Swifts are not used very much in the textile industry, but are used more by knitters and crocheters who buy their yarn in skein form. The swift allows for easy balling, without the yarn getting tangled and knotted. *
I will tell you, that I, like anyone else, enjoy sponsoring people and their businesses. I have seen swifts made out of plastic, cheap wood and you tell me you tell me you want $50 or $70 or even $80 for something as simple as a swift? I know I can make it by myself and maybe on my own. Before I started my head spinning I decided to google this and I found my response to making my …

Bare Necessities from Knit Picks

One of the things that I discover as I go along my journey of Craftsmanship is to enjoy the craft and the process of learning. Knit Picks allows me to do this easily with their bare yarn. There are other companies like Dharma (here in California) , but for now I am comfortable with Knit Picks and the choices they have to offer.*I am also done with the Easy Head Hugger from Danny Oullette, Malabrigo is not the best yarn for this pattern, but I wanted to make the hat in this yarn. The colorway is very distracting from the chevrons on the lower band. Going back to Knit Picks a great deal for little money and the ability to paint it yourself! You can not beat such a great deal!Well I hope you enjoy the video is in HD and I am playing around with videos as well, so have fun as well, thanks for stopping by!

Easy Head Hugger by Danny Oullette

Easy Head Hugger by Danny Oullette can be found HERE. is a great pattern to make and it only takes about 50 grams of malabrigo, it took me a bit more as I was not knitting as tight as I Usually knit. I could have gone down a needle size or half a size and that would have taken care of that situation. The hat has a loop at the bottom of the back like most of my hats.

Once I was done with the hat I went around the neighborhood to take pictures and show off my hat. This hat took me a bit of time as I am retraining myself to knit in a different way than before . My new way is a lot more relaxed and a lot less tight than before. It is a pleasure to knit this hat without having to deal with a lot of the tension. The pattern is better suited for a single color, but I wanted to see what it would look like in this Loro Barranquero Malabrigo. It is better in one solid color, but what can I say it goes with the scarf that I am very close to finish.
So there are more Danny Hats to come in t…

Happy Spring 09 Everyone

Are you ready for the most fun ever? Alan Dart has gotten PDF Downloads on his site and will be adding more next month. I just got this Yorkie Knit Pattern PDF, a great value for $3.72 at this moment or £ 2.50, I have been able to get the link the the patterns for stuffed animals that are really to die for. I admire Alan for his accomplishment of great realism in knit patterns. Please go and visit him and get some PDF patterns HERE, you will not be disappointed, they are in knit format and he accepts PAY PAL! I think is a great deal, I have never seen patterns like his, and now they are available for download.
I hope the Spring of 2009 brings us lots of fun. I can feel the change in the air, the economy will turn around very unexpectedly, but not really. A lot of cash has been infused and I believe consumer confidence is back. Those people at AIG I say "Never cheat a Klingon unless you're sure you can get away with it." rule of acquisition #192. I just can…

Experiments in Teal Dyeing

Paton's merino wool dyed in Teal, also called teal blue, is equal parts blue and green. The color gets its name from the fact that it surrounds the eyes of the common teal, a member of the duck family. The complementary color of teal is coral pink.
The Skein above was achieved by immersing, (dipping) a section of about 4 to 6 inches of the yarn for a limited time, or rather a timed section of time. 4 minutes to begin with, pulling that section and soaking a new section of yarn for 8 minutes, while the previous section rests on the outside of the pot. You continue increasing the time , let's say 20 minutes, then 40 and then less than 2 minutes, for the clearer part of the teal. This is one of the easiest ways of creating a measurable colorway than may be reproduced. When dealing with reproducible ways of making color measurements are the key, same amount of water from the same source and quality (chlorine free , filtered, distilled, bottled, et cetera), vinegar (white or red or …

Crazy About Color

Yep I am crazy about color. I think that one of life's biggest pleasure comes from the sense of sight, the second is tactile and the third is smell, then the fourth is taste and lastly but not least important is hearing. Maybe I am crazy , but I find myself engulfed in the experience of that which we call LIFE. I love Dyeing yarn, I just found a new true love for something that will bring me a lot of joy. I will try to describe techniques I like and techniques I discover as I take you along my journey in later posts. By the way I bought the Kit from this EBay Store, but she has An Etsy Storeas well . WC Mercantile.
Above and below are my latest creations mostly wool, Cotton is very challenging and too much work in my opinion. Wool, bamboo, silk and such are easier to dye and thus more satisfying. You have stove top, microwave, crock pot method, and even the old time favorite of just staining something by mere chemical reactions. Your chemical binding - reaction is preceded and or …

It's all about Yarn Dyeing

Could this be my new Hobby? Who knows, but one thing I know is that dyeing yarn by hand is a lot of fun. I did my research and the yarn is soaked half an hour, 30 minutes in warm like water with some liquid dish soap added two drops, you may add some vinegar at this time to the water or not,but for soaking plain water and dish soap any container will do. Half and hour later, squeezing the excess water out from the yarn, the yarn is ready for the already made dyes.
The second step is a bit tricky and the best thing you can do is to use mason jars or to use the same plastic containers all the time. Remember that you should mark these containers for reuse for dyeing only. Never use these containers for anything else as some dyes, even vegetable dyes may be harmful to you, on your skin, inhaled. Anyway they are chemicals whether from vegetable nature or not, rubber gloves, latex, vinyl they will serve to preserve your alabaster skin beautiful.
The second step is to have your color …

My First Hand Dyed Skeins

This yarn that you see here is the same yarn that is in a ball . It is Crystal Palace Iceland wool and I thought that since I got a Dyeing Kit on EBay at this EBAY STORE , I might as well try using some Kool Aid too. The light blue is a mixture of food coloring and yellow kool aid, the rest is part of the original kit.
This yarn below is the same as above, I thought it would be a great idea to try and dye it. It was a lot of fun to dye your own yarn, very creative and I am sure that I would get very good at it with time. I rinsed both skeins of wool and allowed them to sit in a bath with some vinegar to help set the color in. I was glad my bathroom sink is black.
This that you see below is the wool/bamboo/nylon sock yarn that I will be making a pair of socks with. I was very excited to see the yarn turning colors and to mix the colors or rather blend them as they found each other. I used latex gloves as these dyes will dye your skein and anything that comes in contact with. An unexpec…

More Yarn Porn Mar 09

This is some old yarn, but I believe I have not shown it by itself in it's glorious shine for each skein and my review of what I like about it. Yarn has to be touched otherwise it is just eye candy right!
Joann Sensations Kashmira is not a bad looking yarn and it feels soft, but it has nothing extraordinary besides,that. It is a great price and it is wool. It has many colors.
Noro is another story, Kureyon Sock yarn is a beautiful yarn to make hats, scarves (brioche!!!!) and socks. I have washed and dried socks made out of this yarn in my house and they require nothing more. No felting, no shrinking, this is a great yarn for socks if you want them to be washable, imagine if you just dry them flat and handwash the? Beautiful isn't it?
I got four skeins of this yarn for the holidays, 2 of each colorway S182 and S185. I would buy Noro anytime. The only thing it has pieces of mother nature in it, it twirls a lot and it is rough for the first 3 or 4 washings, maybe if we co…

Ebay Yarn Porn Mar 09

As of Apr 06/2009 I decided to use the yarn I bought from this Ebay Store, the Black Yarn that I bought at the same time I bought this one is no good. One of the skeins has five knots in it, not very happy, I wonder if the second one will be the same "THE GOLDEN ONE". I wrote the seller to let them know. I solved the situation by fusing it, but I would not buy this kind of yarn from this seller again. Will keep you updated

The Yarn-BarnEbay Store
50% Merino Wool 50% Silk Blend Yarn
6 skeins - 100 Yds each (all are one lot)
Light Sport Wgt /Heavy Finger Wgt - WPI 18
Suggested Needle 3 / Hook D
600 yds total - Approx. 6oz
Sunset (Golden Orange tone) * Nothing better than to start the month with some new Yarn. This economy has put me on a yarn diet, but it has made me more picky. I am actually buying yarn for possible projects. I think you should go and check this store out, I liked the ran that I got from them is not ultra soft, but it feels like good quality and the store's fee…