Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easy Head Hugger by Danny Oullette

Easy Head Hugger by Danny Oullette can be found HERE. is a great pattern to make and it only takes about 50 grams of malabrigo, it took me a bit more as I was not knitting as tight as I Usually knit. I could have gone down a needle size or half a size and that would have taken care of that situation. The hat has a loop at the bottom of the back like most of my hats.

Once I was done with the hat I went around the neighborhood to take pictures and show off my hat. This hat took me a bit of time as I am retraining myself to knit in a different way than before . My new way is a lot more relaxed and a lot less tight than before. It is a pleasure to knit this hat without having to deal with a lot of the tension. The pattern is better suited for a single color, but I wanted to see what it would look like in this Loro Barranquero Malabrigo. It is better in one solid color, but what can I say it goes with the scarf that I am very close to finish.
So there are more Danny Hats to come in the near future, I actually have one for a sweater I will be making, Hat, scarf and sweater combo what a Hoot! Thanks for stopping by!

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