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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My First Hand Dyed Skeins

This yarn that you see here is the same yarn that is in a ball . It is Crystal Palace Iceland wool and I thought that since I got a Dyeing Kit on EBay at this EBAY STORE , I might as well try using some Kool Aid too. The light blue is a mixture of food coloring and yellow kool aid, the rest is part of the original kit.
This yarn below is the same as above, I thought it would be a great idea to try and dye it. It was a lot of fun to dye your own yarn, very creative and I am sure that I would get very good at it with time. I rinsed both skeins of wool and allowed them to sit in a bath with some vinegar to help set the color in. I was glad my bathroom sink is black.
This that you see below is the wool/bamboo/nylon sock yarn that I will be making a pair of socks with. I was very excited to see the yarn turning colors and to mix the colors or rather blend them as they found each other. I used latex gloves as these dyes will dye your skein and anything that comes in contact with. An unexpected surprise to make your own colorway. I can replicate it if I have to because you have to go with measure ingredients. I hope you en joy the video that will follow as well. Thanks for stopping by!
I hope this video is fun for you guys as it was early, the beginning and the end result.

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