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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crazy About Color

Yep I am crazy about color. I think that one of life's biggest pleasure comes from the sense of sight, the second is tactile and the third is smell, then the fourth is taste and lastly but not least important is hearing. Maybe I am crazy , but I find myself engulfed in the experience of that which we call LIFE. I love Dyeing yarn, I just found a new true love for something that will bring me a lot of joy. I will try to describe techniques I like and techniques I discover as I take you along my journey in later posts. By the way I bought the Kit from this EBay Store, but she has An Etsy Store as well . WC Mercantile.

Above and below are my latest creations mostly wool, Cotton is very challenging and too much work in my opinion. Wool, bamboo, silk and such are easier to dye and thus more satisfying. You have stove top, microwave, crock pot method, and even the old time favorite of just staining something by mere chemical reactions. Your chemical binding - reaction is preceded and or in conjunction with laying down your colors, or applying them to the material. There comes intensity, subtlety and hues of colors. I think that mostly I like Hand Dyeing because is Chemistry and I love my Sciences! Dyeing can be fun , but you need to take the precautions of protecting yourself from the chemicals, never forget fun has it's daring part.

Some of the yarn is dyed by timing the dipping of the yarn, dip the first few inches for 10 seconds, then let 6 more inches steep 5 minutes , then 10 minutes for the next 6 inches , then 20, 40 and so on and you will have a gradient in your dye. Squirt your color, brush your color, sponge , decant your color you have so many choices.
Then when your yarn is dried you have presentation, will you believe that these two skeins are the same skein of yarn? Which would you buy, If you could smell a hint of Lavender in one, which would you buy? Presentation is an important part of your product!
I want to thank you for stopping by and allowing me in your home. There will be more postings, but not today. I have plenty to study about color mixing, potion making and just plain having fun. If you can not have fun and joy it is not worth doing. Remember your inner child and let it have fun with the colors!

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