Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Hat and More Hats and More ...

One of the things that I like about Crochet and Knitting is the fact that I am always learning. There are so many things I have not done that I want to do. That reminds me I owe a Meme to Riohnna, don't worry I will have to remember to make space for it later. The hat above was gifted to me by Deneen, she always does wonderful work and it fits like a glove. Actually like a comfy glove. It is very soft and even in San Francisco, we appreciate the warmth of a nice Wool hat once in a while.

So what you see above is the yarn that my Partner at the MWK scarf Exchange gave me and I am making a hat to match the scarf. I was looking for male designers and I found a very talented man. His name is Danny and you can find him here at and you can also find him in Ravelry Here . That is his designer profile. I don't want my lady friends to think that I am discriminating lol!, it is not my style. Why did I chose his designs, three by the way. I found them very intriguing and one of the Hats I got the pattern for uses Noro yarn and it looks fantastic, it is called the Traveling Rib Hat and it is a saver. I also liked that he uses Lamb's Pride which is another yarn that I enjoy working with. The Pattern above that you are seeing the starting point of is called the Head Hugger and it is made on the flat with short rows, you can see the pattern HERE. I thought the patterns and the colors that he has chosen to show off his patterns convinced me to give it a try and see what happens. Thanks Danny Ouellette for designing something that is very man friendly !!! I say that because very few hats can be unfriendly to men or women , but some are definitely looking better on a man or on a woman, you know what I mean!

Among the projects of this year I want to finished the garterlac scarf, I want to take a class on Top Down Sweater, Toe up socks, I want to make an afghan Favorites to be made is "The Great American Aran Afghan"or and "Tree of Life Afghan" , a top down sweater, a cardigan and of course more hats, maybe even some more scarves! There are some intriguing Crochet Patterns on site, but most likely I will be making more Crochet Hat Patterns. There are two Works In progress that You are going to love when they get done. So I hope that you will indulge me in taking the journey with me and my crafts for a wonderful year or Beautiful Yarn, Beautiful Patterns and Beautiful People. Thanks for stopping by!


naomi said...

I really like Danny's designs, thanks for sharing.
The traveling rib hat is so you Andy, can't wait to see yours.
Beatiful hat from Deneen, she does beautiful work.
I'm liking the tree of life afghan, wonder how many years it would take me to make it (lol)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work, Andy! Don't worry about the meme, dude! (a hat will do just fine, LOL!)

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