MWK Scarf Exchange

This is the scarf that I got in the exchange of the Men Who Knit. The pictures do little justice to the wonderful colorway of Malabrigo and the wonderful Scarf that my partner made. Roderick Mobley did a great job!
He included a Season's greetings Card from the Windy City and enough yarn for what you said? You got that right I am making a Hat with the extra yarn lol! Well Don't worry I have ways of giving my hats away to charity when they are too many. Thanks for stopping by and let's see what trouble I can get into later on this week. Thanks for stopping by!


naomi said…
Beautiful scarf...........don't you just love Malibrigo, so soft and warm. I can't wait to see the hat you're going to make with the "left overs"
Anonymous said…
LOLOL! You and your hats!!!! We will have to do a swap once, dude!! Love the scarf!!!
Deneen said…
Ooh, this post reminds me, the diameter of your head-I recall it was "above average" (I know, all the brains and such take up so much room)-just send me an email and I'll explain-yarnsandmusings(at)

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