Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Malabrigo Purples and Greens

Hats and designs for that matter are very interesting. Sometimes a very simple hat takes a long time to design. This Hat which already has a name will be finished within a week or so, but has been on the works for at least 6 months. What is the problem you ask? Look at it, please look at it . Did you guess what the problem is? The problem is the beautiful yarn, you can not make a very unique hat with lots of texture , because the yarn is too beautiful to not allow it to be it's own star. Yet I have found a simple pattern that I am going to share with you as soon as I finish it. I tell you it is a Crafty Andy Original and it is a very simple pattern for my taste, but it shows the beauty of this yarn.
Of course the pattern is not very conspicuous until you get a closer look; The crown is made of rectangles and triangles. The crown of this crochet Hat, which is mainly what I call a Man's Crochet Hat Pattern, is beautiful and would look even more beautiful if it was done in a color-stranding technique where the Rectangles and the Triangles where in different colors then you will com down to the rest of the hat where you will be alternating the colors, thus giving you a beautiful hat. Don't let the Man's Crochet Hat pattern, I believe it is anybody's Hat pattern, but I made it with men in mind, because What I find out there for men's crochet hat patterns is no very flattering.
Some people use software to make things and that is OK with me, I rather like the making of the pattern myself. There are some crochet designers out there that should go back to the design table. One of them has books and the support of people which is fantastic. When it comes to Crochet Sweaters I like Peter Franzi and you can find his blog HERE. I have bought some of his patterns and found them very cleverly made. Patterns for men and women. He has a very conscious hands on approach to the making of the garments. The look and feel wearable. Well this is all for today and I have some work to do lol! Thanks for stopping by!

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Oh, wow! The yarn is amazing!

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