Friday, July 18, 2008

5 Hour Baby Set

This is the picture of the completed set and the video to show it off. Thanks for stopping by and we shall see you next week or the week after.

3 comments: said...

Andy: I really liked the baby afghan. Do you sell the items or give them as gifts? Your blog is very interesting and it is a great place to learn from as well.

Crafty Andy said...

Thank You. I always find someone to give it away to, sometimes I sell hats.

Anonymous said...

The baby set has turned out gorgeous! You knit so fast! You amaze me with the things you get finished. :) Can you share with us how you did the button holes so that it could open either way? Can you do a video and perhaps teach us how to do that? I looked on the web and utube and could not find a tutorial about doing a baby sweater so it could open either way for a boy or baby girl. Have fun this week with all your school friends! Your class picture from the 70s is dear. Thank you for sharing.

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