Thursday, July 17, 2008

5 Hour Jacket N a Hat

I am enjoying this pattern like never before and I am seeing it in such a different light. I guess we call that experience with the Craft. I finish the jacket with I-Cord all around. My choice of adding the Araucania Yarn at the bottom was great, the yarn is fantastic for this kind of project and it has a fullness that I did not expect.The Pattern for this growing set may be found HERE and let me warn you that the Pattern on the main page is fine. I made another pattern from another site and the stitch count was wrong. Nevertheless this pattern may be done in many ways and thus will allow you to create different effects on the Jacket , Hat and booties. I can tell you that it is a fun Pattern to make and very easy.
The hat is so cute and I learned something while making the hat. This hat has a set of 4 rows where you see the little opening. You K2 tog all around then you pick up the thread between two K2 tog stitch and you make a Purl stitch , and you have a beautiful hat. I am thinking about making the booties, let's see if I have enough time before I leave for my 30th High School Class Reunion this year that will be taking place in Ft. Lauderale. People I have not seen over 30 years, people I grew up with, our grad class was about 50 people, it was a private school and small classrooms. This is for another blog entry anyway lol! Thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous said...

I am in love with the color! I love to see baby items in colors other than pink and blue! Someday if I ever make myself a bebe, I know who I'm going to commission to make me some stylish clothes for it!

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