Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It was 1978, it is 2008

I t has been 30 years since my graduation from High School. This next week we are meeting for our 3oth High School reunion. Some of us are meting in Puerto Rico and some of us are meeting in Florida. the picture above was in 1978 in what we called the class Prom which actually was a weekend retreat at a local hotel.
This photo above show my class in front of the school name, we donated the money to make this concrete monument to us lol!
This is our class of 78 family reunion, we have our friends and their families sharing . It is always nice to know that these people are around. I was with most of them since the third grade and since we were a small class we knew each other very well. Well until later this week we will have more pictures and more fun to be share in Fort Lauderdale Florida.


Deneen said...

Isn't it amazing how time flies from the time you are in high school til, well 30 years later?

Have fun!

naomi said...

Have a great time !!

Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic time at the reunion. And Andy...hubba hubba! What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Andy, I took my college entrance exam at your high school!!! Probably older buildings because I am of a "certain age".

Have a great time with your HS friends.


Anonymous said...

Hola Andy,
I hope you have a great time in your 30 years reunion in Florida. Friends are like family, so have a great memories together. Can wait to see the pictures.

Buneo suentes, (My spanish may be off)
Love and Huggs,

Anonymous said...

Hello Andy, just a short note with my bad English, because I am Belgian, the small country between France and the Netherlands lol to say to you that I like your blog. Eve

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