Friday, November 16, 2007

Barcelona Tychus, Slytherin Step 4 WIP

Well here I have some more knitting, I have baptized the upper hat the Barcelona Tychus as I am using the colors of Barcelona City to make two hats. This hat is being made in good old Acrylic. I am not a Yarn snob by any means. lol! The picture is not too great but it is a burgundy and blue striped hat. Acrylic never looked so great. You can find the Pattern HERE , it is from Knitty and Brooke Higgings , which is my Heroine when it comes to fast making Kool Hats. I love making the Tychus!

I am almost finished with the Slytherin hat and I like the way it is looking. I did a lot of experimenting with knitting stitches that I improvised on. I made a knit and a purl in the same stitch, I also did a knit and knit below and then K2, to give these snakes a 3 D look on a 2 D environment. The snakes will look like they are ready to jump out and get you.


At This time I am starring the Starry Sky part of the hat to start the decreases. In my opinion a Slytherin hat should be pretentious and very busy and proud. I am a little busier than usual, we have our Thanksgiving Holiday coming on and a lot to do this weekend. I will be finishing the hats before next Monday for sure, thanks for stopping by!

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