Happy ThanksGiving 07 Everyone!

I want to share with you a some of my works in progress and send you a warm Thanksgiving Salutation! Thanks for stopping by!


Deneen said…
Love all the FO's, especially the Slytherin Hat-that came out terrifically!

I received your card today and thank you for your thoughtfulness :)
Gina said…
You sure got some great hats there!!! I especially love the Christmas hats. Very festive. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Anonymous said…
Does this mean you will not be posting next week?

Your hats are gorgeous!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh, the Slytherin hat is amazing! :D I love it, and all your other things. I like how your Christmas items aren't gaudy, they are quite nice! (I usually avoid Christmas themed things because they are usually awful, but yours are great!)
Anonymous said…
your house hats are fabulous!! And you are adorable!! :)
Crafty Andy said…
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, will be back next week!

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