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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Slytherin Update 3

Color Stranding, Fair Isle, and Mosaic Knitting they all have the same basic notion of working with more than one color. I am about to finish the upper part of this design. I did some needle work with the snake, and I was able to experiment with doing a knit and a purl stitch on the One stitch. I also was able to do a knit stitch on lower stitches (One or two rows down) while keeping the regular stitch in mind. Then that I brought it all up up and finally knit three stitches together, specially on the head of the snake. If you wonder why, it is simply to give it texture.
I wanted the snake to look like it was going to jump from the hat. It is almost like a 3D stitching on a 2D surface. The hat is a great work of art and I am working on it diligently. I decided to leave the hat stretching a bit overnight.
The hat has about 3 or 4 rows to go for this section, then there is another section that will go quickly and I will finish the hat with a starry sky while decreasing. Is late and I am tired, thanks for stopping by!


ray said...

It's coming along beautifully,and I like the colors, but I am especially interested in that brown object. Is that a stitch marker? What is it made of? Do you have other pictures of it? I like it, and I'm trying to see what the figure is. It looks like two stockinged feet gribbing a ball of yarn, all carved in wood.

Khebhin said...

I love the idea of the snake jumping from the hat!! That is too awesome!!! You're a genius!! Luvya!

naomi said...

Wow Andy ! The hat is looking amazing ! You do some really great work