Friday, October 05, 2007

Bamboo you too!

I found working with Bamboo and crochet hooks very hard, the yarn tends to split easy, yet with my knitting needles there were no problems, very complementary. This is a very soft yarn and has antibacterial qualities, the perfect waiting room hands on project lol! I could not find a pattern for a man's hat, so I made myself my own hat pattern. It usually happens when I can;t find something that I like. At this time I am almost done with the ribbing. It is very soft on my scalp.

They say that high quality Bamboo yarn made by processing the bamboo grass stalk and combing the fiber strands from the actual plant itself. It compares with Ramie or I have also thought it like a blend of the best qualities of silk and linen. Sheen, drape and crispness. I will have to say that it is almost like silk to the touch and the variegated color us nice, this is from Plymouth Yarn, Royal Bamboo, Italian Collection, very nice and a great price , I think it is about 6.50 to 8.00 a skein. ( I don't remember exactly how much I paid , but it is comparable to a skein of Lamb's Pride in Price , because I bought two of Lamb's pride and one of these and the price was about 24 something dollars for the 3 skeins and Lambs' Pride is about $7.50 a skein) They only come in 50 gram skeins, less than 100 yards.

Bamboo is a beautiful natural fiber that wears well and is a natural antibacterial. Bamboo is a grass that is harvested and distilled into cellulose that is then spun into the yarn.

Positive Things About Bamboo Yarn

  • Bamboo is a renewable resource. Bamboo can be harvested without killing the plant, and it only takes a few months before the plant is ready to be harvested again. That makes it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Bamboo yarn, when not mixed with unnatural fibers, is biodegradable.
  • Bamboo yarn is often dyed with more natural dyes that are safer for the environment.
  • Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial.
  • Bamboo also has ultra-violet protective properties.
  • Fabric knitted with bamboo is quite breathable and cool and has great drape.
  • Bamboo has a good luster, similar to mercerized cotton.
  • Bamboo is strong, flexible, and can be softer than silk when spun into yarn.

Potential Bamboo Negatives

  • Bamboo yarn loses strength when it is wet and swells considerably in water.
  • The yarn may not be very cohesive. Some brands split much more than others.
  • Bamboo needs to be hand-washed, so it isn't a great choice for things that need to be washed frequently.

Tips for Working with Bamboo Yarn

If the antibacterial property is something you are looking for, stick with a 100 percent bamboo yarn or choose one that has at least 70 percent bamboo for best results. Use blunt-ended needles to cut down on the splitting. I did find that to Knit slowly at first was a way of being able to avoid splitting the yarn. This is not a yarn for the beginner. If you're looking for strength in the fabric but are using a fine bamboo yarn, try knitting with two strands held together.


Anyway I am taking a few weeks off from Crochet Depot to get a new perspective and come back with new ideas and energy for the Holidays. I put a lot of energy into the group and it feels like there needs to be more community type energy otherwise it gets boring if it is just about me. I want to thank you for stopping by and stay in touch as I will be working on other crochet and knitted Potter scarves and Hats pretty soon, before my next trip.

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Deneen said...

I've been dying to try Bamboo, but have been too cheap to order it online (no LYS that has the 100% bamboo around here and I'd like to "feel" it first). I've read about the "issues" with bamboo-the swelling part especially.

It's a gorgeous color and I can't wait to see the fo.

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