Thursday, October 04, 2007

Knitting, Crochet, WIP, The Omega Molecule

Crochet, Knitting and the Omega Molecule, plus some ramblings of mine. Today was a perfect day for a little Neighborhood video tour as I was walking through and area of town that tourist don't. I was on the Liberty Street steps, from this steps you get a wonderful panortamic view of various city hills. As you can see I was dressed for fall and in fall colors and here is my Irish Hiking Scarf KAL and the 15 inches I have done so far, I want to make it a 60 inch so it will be a bit before I finish this one, but I am eager to make it soon so that I can start a new one in a different color. I am also looking to make a scarf in this paprika and green colors to go for the fall. I have not decided if it is going to be double knit, meaning reversible knitting or crochet. Time will tell.
Here you got what I have done so far with the Ravenclaw Hat. It will get me going and I may frog it a couple of times before it allows me to continue. The yarn has to tell me a story and it is kind of trying to so far. I have added three rows and frogged them, in different patterns, we shall see what will happen, it is a matter of listening

The Omega molecule is a short-lived, highly unstable molecule, believed to be the most powerful substance in the known universe. The Borg, who referred to Omega as Particle 010, regarded Omega with near-reverence as they believed it to exist in a flawless state. Because the Borg saw the Omega Molecule as "perfection". Our crafts are not to be confused with this as perfection in my opinion is left to the God or Gods. We can and should aspire to this perfection , but understand that only God or the Gods are perfect in every way. At any rate perfection is relative.
Jerry Ryan was such a great addition to Voyager. I thought she was astonishing . I have no idea how they painted that uniform on her, but needless to say, I thought she was and is a gorgeous looking Borg. A Starfleet Barbie in other words lol!
So you are wondering what this gibberish is. It is suppose to be a package of Croutons with Butter and garlic, besides the three to five ingredients that make a buttered garlic croutons there are at least 24 ingredients, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup solids. I got a Chicken Caesar Salad. The dressing was a Paul Newman's Ranch. Anyway this is to show you you need to read. Croutons I rather make them myself, why do they put all that stuff in croutons and of course partially hydrogenated soybean oil. You should be aware of what you are eating, don't just take it for granted that it is healthy. I never eat croutons I don't make myself lol!
I want to thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for more to come.

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Anonymous said...

Cia, amico! Thanks for the comments on m crocheting! I couldn't have done that way cool stitch with out you! Thanks again for the book! (Marvyn and I fight over it). You will have to tell me how to make croutons!!

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