Saturday, October 06, 2007

Need Name and Your Vote

Just in case you have not been aware. Crochet Depot, the MSN group that I co-Owned disappeared today. Nothing left, so here we are. You have a chance to name a New MSN Group or Keep the same Name. So when you post here tell me the name that you want the site to be.

It was no surprise as other sites have disappeared in MSN lately and I am glad that I noticed it by chance. Anyway Crochet Depot May continue or it may not, it depends on you. It will be weeks before the site comes up and runs, but it is ready for membership. Thanks for stopping by.


Deneen said...

Holy Moly Andy!

Have you thought about switching from MSN to another board (like Yuku)-it can still be members only and private.

If you need help, lemme know.

PS-the name is perfect!

Judy said...

Geez...I'm so sorry this happened! I was just trying to log into the group. I am all for making another group, whatever you want to call it! I love all you guys!


Crafty Andy said...

Debbie from said

Andy, I was heartbroken to see the group disappear. I look forward to seeing a new group and will be more than happy to join.

As for names, I like:

Crochet Depot II

Yarn Depot (since there is both knitting and crochet)

or something with hooks and needles. LOL

Why in the world did MSN make the group disappear?
Hello, Andy. I was very disappointd to see Crochet Depot has disappeared. But I will certainly look forward to a new group and wojuld love to be a member of it.

In the meantime, I'll check your blog to see what you're crocheting or knitting. Your blog is excellent and I do look at it every day.

See ya !

Anonymous said...

how about Crafty Depot since there area several things that people can talk about such as crocheting, knitting, tatting etc.
betty h swapslady

evelynla said...

I like Crafty Crafters as we are a diverse group who do different crafts.

Was surprised to see Crochet Depot gone.

evelyn (crafteratptv502)

Beth N said...

I too hope that you start the group again--the name is not as important as the fellowship of the group--so what ever the majority wants is fine with me. I do want to join the new group and would be willing to help also.

Beth N

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