Tunisian Crochet Cast On

Remember to always count your stitches , because stitches have a way of vanishing, This is actually a demostration of the Knit Tunisian Stitch lol! Thanks for stopping by!


bdbutton said…
Hi, Andy! Ken Jones (the Crochet Guy) just introduced me to your videos. Good work! You're my kind of crafty person.
Gina said…
I have been wanting to give the afghan stitch a try...I think you may have motivated me to do it! Tell me, who taught you to crochet and knit? I can't seem to find that on your blog...or maybe I am just missing it. You are so crafty, Andy ;)
Andy's Crafts said…
Hi Gina. I taught myself to Crochet, Knit and sew, some by curiosity, other by wanting to make things for myself that nobody else had.lol! I also learned to cook, by necessity. Thanks for asking.
naomi said…
Wow Andy, you're a fantastic teacher. I'm enjoying your videos.
Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

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