Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Purl One, Single Crochet next 2 sts

Fall 2007 is here. Once more the days are equal for a bit and with fall comes the nice cooler weather. I have been quiet on the blog front, but very busy. It is amazing how two crafts like Crochet And Knitting are very crucial to each other and complementary in my opinion. I have been using crochet to do edge on my felted Needle Case, and on my Quiddich Gryffindor hat. At this moment the Quiddich Hat is being blocked.
The Felted Needle Case, which I will have pictures to show you tomorrow, what I have done and how I have finished it up. I am very pleased at the finished product. I am going to apologize for the asterisks between paragraphs, you have seen them before and maybe wonder what is that. Simply put blogger does not want to cooperate with my paragraph alignment and they are meant as marking the beginning of a new paragraph.
I am also working on some You Tube Tunisian Crochet Videos. I have been ordering some new clothes to mix with my newest creations. There will be a fall Hat line this year, that will include some some Crochet Hats and maybe some cable Knitted hats. I am still working on my Irish Hiking Scarf and I want to make one in an electric blue shade. I will be knitting more Dishcloths and will be making some more Harry Potter Scarves, at least two more Knitted. I am almost ready to make my reappearance into the world of the living lol! Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

I knew it! Blogger's been a pain to me too and it's driving me crazy. I'll try the astericks between paragraphs and see if that helps.

I haven't tried tunisian crochet. I'd be interested in your tutorial.

naomi said...

You sure have been busy. Can't wait to see the finished items !

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