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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Color Stranding Knitting, A Yarn Guide

I am sharing with you a demostration of color stranding with the aid of a yarn guide. I am also modeling two of my latest hats. This goes for the requests from some people to model the hats. When you use one of the Clover Yarn Guides you avoid twisting the yarns as you do your Color Stranding. I hope you enjoy the Video and that you like the hats. Thanks for stopping By!


Joe said...

I would have loved to have learned to do stranded knitting with a yarn guide, but now that I've gotten my routine in place, I don't think I could ever match my current knitting speed and lack of tangling, even if I practiced with a yarn guide for quite a while.

It was nice seeing you in action and modelling your hats.

Judith in NYC said...

Andres, I found your blog via QueerJoe's and I watched your video. You do come across as a very nice guy. Now I'll spend the rest of the morning reading old posts. I think I'll learn a lot.

Fredda said...

How did I not know that they had such a thing!!! I've been knitting for many years and my Fair Isle has always been problematic. Perhaps the yarn guide will help!

Love your hats!

Gina said...

Love the hats being modeled. They do fit perfectly.

Ysabeau said...

Thank you for this video. I bought a yarn guide and I never succeed using it. I will try with your explanations as soon as possible.

Your hats are absolutely wonderful.

PS : please excuse my very bad english .

Judith in NYC said...

It's me again, A. I spent a good chunk of yesterday's morning reading your old posts, still a lot to go. You are an amazing human being!

You make crochet look so beautiful, I will have to learn how to do it.

Also, how do you make the nut crust for your cheesecakes?