Sunday, September 02, 2007

Crocus Pocus A discloth in Focus

Crocus Buds has been an interesting project, challenging at times, but once you relax your knitting things go quietly. You are watching the washcloth being blocked. The pattern was a bit challenging, but nicely done. I needs a cautionary note to the knitter that is in a hurry. Remember how many stitches you started with ? 42 stitches to start and to end. The instructions tells you to keep on repeating the pattern until you reach the size that you want. What it does not tell you is that do not end the pattern after your YO (Yarn Overs) because you will have 65 stitches to deal with and the end product will not be what you want. It happened to me, so I had to frog a bit until I had the first set of 42 stitches with is Row #9. My bad their Bad lol!

This photo shows you in great detail the stitch. This is made in Bellezza Collections Smania which is a yarn that is 65% Cotton and 35% Nylon. I think it will be nice for a dishcloth, or even to dry dishes as far as materials go. I have enough to make a crochet scrubby. I will be starting another dishcloth soon.

My works in progress, crochet and knit keep progressing. I may do some quilting today or tomorrow, let's see how it goes. Thanks for stopping by and have a great Holiday Weekend.


Anonymous said...

oh wow, that is cute! Thanks for the advice. What is focus? IS that a magazine?

naomi said...

Nice..... the color is really pretty too.

Deneen said...

Wonderful colors!

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