Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Star Is Born WIP

Here it is my first Attempt at quilting something. I will have to say that it was easier than what I thought. Sometimes I get confused with the sewing machine as it has its ways. I am also learning how to make Videos, this one has some transitions and it is Window Media Video instead of Quictiime, which by the way I bought as my camera makes Quicktime mini movies.

Here is what I am actually making. I used some of the fabric from my exchange with Minky at Crochet Depot , because I wanted to use something new and something old.

The stitches that I have used for the quilting are very pretty. I am very proud of myself for being able to make something like this. It is a work in Progress for now. I am going to try to make something simple this time, but maybe I will dedicate the next few days at doing some more quilting projects. Thanks for stopping by!


Deneen said...

Awesome-a few friends of mine locally quilt, I refuse to start another hobby~!

naomi said...

Wow, what a fantastic job ! Love the video too.
I need to get back to some quilting, I just wish it were more portable.

Andy's Crafts said...

I know the feeling, I like to make small itms the maybe something big, but since it is my first project let's see how it comes out. Thanks for the kind comments.

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