Saturday, September 01, 2007

Crochet Depot Contest 07 Winners Are!

Welcome to September 07 my friends. I am here to inform yo of the contest winners that we have had at Crochet Depot . Crochet Depot is our MSN group that we have created and is almost two years old. We are celebrating by giving away stuff.

Our first contest was to guess how much yarn was in this box and Riohnna was the Winner

She won this book as the only winner.

The second Contest was to guess how much money was in this piggy bank

The winner was Deneen she guessed the right amount within 50 cents, the second winner or like I say almost winner was...Minky and she won the below pictured magazines .

There will be another contest next week what will it be? I don't know yet, but it is bound to be fun. Thanks for stopping by!

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