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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bee Stitch Dishcloth

This is the finished Bee Stitch dishcloth. It was an adventure to make this one as this stitch is not very easy to make. I felt kind of good after this lady that owns the LYS said that she hated that stitch. I would not go that far, but this stitch makes a beautiful web like net and it is very pretty. I will use this as a washcloth myself.

Eventually as you make the stitch over and over you realize how to recognized what stitch is next by looking at the stitches that you have already made. It was lots of fun after frogging it four times, perfection was acquired lol!

I am working on a Irish Hiking Hat, my Cable sweater, a crochet skullcap and I will be working on a Knit pattern that I am going to make and actually create. I will be using Baby alpaca and the one of the Sari Silk yarns I bought, don't know which one yet. I am also working on the I-Cord or 'i-cord' (or 'idiot cord') as named by Elizabeth Zimmermann the most creative opinionated knitter I know. She is very funny and very practical , the Martha Stewart of Knitting I could say.
The I-cord, a tube knitted in the round with a pair of double-pointed needles. Elizabeth Zimmermann named it the Idiot Cord in honor of her accidental discovery of the simple technique. The I-cord is a perfect example of her attitude toward knitting: let it be fun, free of needless complications, and full of discovery. In this picture from The Opinionated Knitter, a wonderful collection of her newsletters, Elizabeth wears an I-cord attached to her glasses. Once you learn to make one, you'll be searching around for anything that might be improved with an I-cord. I will have pictures later on this week. Thanks for stopping by.

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Beth N said...

Your dishcloth turned out great! I bought Elizabeth Zimmerman's DVD-I love listening to her and it really had a lot of helpful information for me. I am very envious--3 yarn shops within walking distance! Our one yarn shop just closed--sigh.