Monday, August 06, 2007

I-Cord is not such a bad idea after all

Basically the I-Cord is made by casting 3 to (n) stitches (where n is the number of final stitches) on a double pointed needle. Yep basic Algebra! Ha, ha, ha. You cast it , you knit and then you slide the stitches all the way to the other side of the needle. Now you will have to knit by pulling the yarn in the opposite direction for the first stitch. You keep doing this until it reaches the size that you want. You may use it like I did for a handle or you may use it for decorations, you may use it for a border. Think about a cushion that has this I-Cord all around. It is practical and easy to make. You need to make sure that you pull once in a while on the cord to make sure it is closing as it should and it shapes up correctly.

I have always been amazed as to the fact that you are able to learn new things all the time. Somethings by discovering them yourselves and some have already been discovered. The minds that think alike ha ha ha. I made an I-Cord as E. Zimmermann called it "Idiot Cord". So many possible uses one of them being a handle for a bucket that holds your yarn. The handle for this yarn organizer had broken, so I thought the I-Cord will be very useful and it was. The handle was replaced by the I-Cord. You sometimes have such usefulness with the most simple of things. I made this I-Cord with Omega Nylon Thread it will last longer than the organizer lol!
If you are looking for an I-Cord Tutorial here is the link I-Cord Tutorial Link.


Deneen said...

Since I don't knit, I use a corker to make an i-cord for myself and even bought one of those fancy contraptions that makes em, but only using finer yarn.

I would imagine using the Omega-it would outlast anything!

BTW, thanks for the card-it came in today and made me smile!

Anonymous said...

wow, it looks REALLY STrong!!!!

Calvin said...

Hey, Andy. I have a yarn container like that. Very nice picture of you, by the way!

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