Saturday, August 04, 2007

Baby Alpaca and a walk

This is the Castro District and as you can see if very hilly, yep that's a hill you see there and it is very steep. The day was nice around 19 Degrees Celsius or 67 Fahrenheit. It is a little cool, but you get accustomed to the cool weather and it feels natural. Is like living in an air conditioned city. There are three yarns stores and a yarn store Annex walking distance from my house. The one at Cliff's Variety is the Annex as this is a Hardware Store. The other One is ImaginKnit by 18Th and Sanchez and , Atelier at Divisadero , between Pine and California Street.

All this places have wonderful yarns,but Cliff's Variety has a handful, due to space, but is clean and some of the attendants know a lot about the crafts they are very Helpful.

Atelier has more yarn than Cliff's Variety, and is family owned. The neighborhood is the Lower Pacific Heights. There are some cool yarns and the attendant knows her stuff. They have classes and lots of needles and hooks. It is out of my way and I just don't find it a very cozy place.

ImagiKnit is the Biggest and nicest, very clean, this place they have to throw you out. There is something about the place that wants you to stay in. Maybe the hundreds of different skeins of yarn are the attraction and lure. Their pattern section is very nice and very complete, there is even a table where you can sit down and read or spin your yarn. A yarn winder and a swift are there for people to use. Their yarn selection is very vast and the prices are not bad. Attendants are very knowledgeable of their stuff, the owners are usually there and just looking at the yarn you get a rush of creativity.

So I went to Atelier as I have not been there in over 4 or 5 years. Not much difference, and no place to really chat or sit. I made some questions about sari yarn patterns, did not get a great response, but understood the message. Sari yarn is heavy and should be mixed with other yarns. It is hard to create something to wear as it is a weighty yarn. I saw this great Baby Alpaca yarn and thought I may make myself a hat with some of the Gold Sari Yarn and this. I don't know if I will knit it or crochet it. We shall see if the mixture of the yarn above mixes with the yarn below in this picture.

Sari yarn is definitely great for Women's purse or a shawl done with huge Needles.. Thanks for stopping by.

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Deneen said...

I used the Sari Silk for making abag for myself, using a big hook-it came outnice, but was a bit heavy and I would imagine a shawl made from this would be a bit heay and maybe even itchy (to my skin anyway). Someone has a pattern posted, and if you want I'll search, for sari silk coasters and I bet you could make some nice placemats with it.

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