Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Warrior Hat Completed

Here is the hat Washed and blocked. So what happened to the Hat? It fits perfectly. I like the way it looks and feels. It has a very randomized pattern in the border. What I called the Brim is where the pattern goes out with a front post single crochet. That stitch is made by crocheting a stitch in a horizontal way. Here after the first Horizontal Row of Heather Brown I alternated each color, but I made the single crochets in the other direction by turning the hat inside out on purpose. The Pattern it is very randomized and it actually looks nice. It was followed by another Heather row, one Fire Prairie Row and the last Row in Heather, on the last Row I did another Horizontal front post single crochet. So what does it give you?

At least to me it gives me this fancy border that looks like a finished product. Sometimes I use a reversed single crochet border to finish hats. I do this as I see hats all around this city, from $11 to 60 or so, hand made in crochet and knit, but mostly mass produced, which works by all means, but is not the same as having a hat custom made for you. So it is the birth of this Hat. Do you think it also adds a sense of a finished product?

The Hat is real nice and after getting it wet and blocking it to shape it drapes nicely. Lamb's Pride suggests to add 1/8 of a cup of white vinegar plus their shampoo, and then 1/8 cup to the last rinse, then to pat dry and lay flat. Well I did not add the vinegar o the shampoo, I figure I will tell my client to wash it in Woolite by hand if he needs to. Never to wring it, but blot it dry and allow to dry on a flat surface.

It seems that one of the uses of Vinegar is to refresh wool and cotton. It used in small quantities it will take odors away, thus the 1/8 cup. I guess it will take the smell out of clothes as well, maybe the detergent smell from clothes. I try to use fragrance free detergent. Well enough for now. Today by chance I will get a shipment of all my Ebay Auctions and some sticks from Joann.Com . I got one skein of yarn to try it out, is very cool new yarn from Lion Brand. Well thanks for stopping by.


Deneen said...

I love it! I use Eucalan Lavender for my stuff, smells nice and works well.

Crafty Andy said...

I am new at This in a way, is it a Rinse or Special Wash. I see you got a new Picture, Looks great!

Jaye said...

The hat looks great Andy! I imagine it would look great on *you*!

Eucalan is a woolwash. It is sold in either their original or lavendar formulas. You can get it through pretty much any online shops like Knit Picks ( http://www.knitpicks.com/Eucalan+Woolwash_ADEucalan.html ) I would imagine. S.O.A.K. Wool Wash is another that I know of sold by The Sweet Sheep (I believe) and finally, Kookaburra Woolwash which I've purchased through Patternworks.com - it has tea tree oil in it which I love ;0)

Jaye said...

Hey Andy, I swear to you this is my last comment for the night and then I'm done stalking your blog, LOL! Actually, I've really enjoyed reading it tonight, so a big Thanks! to you!

I happened along an article while perusing KnitPicks tonight as I'm trying to decide on whether I want one bitty book or not and found this link: http://www.knitpicks.com/images/pdf/stashmgmt.pdf
(Sorry, don't know how to put hyperlinks or whatever they're called into comments)
It is about organizing your stash, but that wasn't where I thought of you. Where you came in was within the article itself when they talked about woolwashes and I noticed this where it explains the subtle difference between Kookaburra and Eucalan:
"Kookaburra Woolwash is an
environmentally friendly product made
with lots of natural ingredients. It is your
sweater’s best friend. You don’t have to
stop at sweaters, though. You can wash
all of your colorfast fibers in Kookaburra.
It has a lovely, naturally clean tea-tree
scent. Kookaburra also comes in a
Delicate version that contains lavender and no lanolin,
making it a perfect wash for people with allergies.
Eucalan Woolwash requires no rinsing. Hooray! It’s
specifically good for smoothing natural fibers as it
contains lanolin. *Also available in a soothing
lavender fragrance."

Perhaps you've read more about them both by now, but on the off chance you hadn't, I thought I'd let you know.
Hope this helps!

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