Thursday, July 26, 2007

Circular Needles and some Lime

No is not a Tequila drink. Circular Needles and some Lime colored yarn, that is what I am ralking about. This is my first attempt at using two circular needles to make a hat. I am having such a great time as I am making the Hat in this cool Lime Green from Lion Brand. It is cotton and should be nice for the San Francisco Summer

At the begining I had no idea of what to do, but thanks to a visual tutorial from the internet from this website. Look around through the menus and pages and you are likely to find a lot of things that will guide you and help you in your knitting.

I was able to visually see what it was I was suppose to be doing. I then adapted the technique to my own way of knitting. It gave me the vision of what it will be like to be doing socks with this method.

This cotton is not the best material to do in cables, but since I am starting , I wanted a rougher material than merino wool. I am planning to make a scarf and a sweater in this material as well. If you like this kind of hat you can find the pattern here for the hat.

Once I get done with the hat I will be making the scarf, ( or scarves, lol! I believe I can modify the pattern for a sweater) and you can find the pattern here
There is a busy blog that is completely dedicated to this entertaining Irish Hiking Business Crafty Endeavor here . This is another of my yarn adventures that I will take you along, maybe not at warp 8, but definitely warp 7.9, Thanks for stopping by.

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