Thursday, July 26, 2007

I felt like the way it Felt

I got this magazine yesterday and I have embarked in some reading for the weekend. I may do some felting next week. Interweave Felt Special edition is a great read and it has plenty of projects and ideas. I just made a 2 Year subscription to the Interweave Knits, from Interweave Press. I liked the magazine and it is better to get a two year subscription, you save some money.

As you know I have been buying Hand Dyed Wool Yarn from Ebay. The store name is and the yarn is good for felting in my opinion. Some of the colors are not exactly as shown, so pick carefully. Still all the wool I gotten there is of great quality. The guy Ships fast and always has something for sale. It was worth my try and I will be buying from him in the future.

I have some works in progress as you know, and the green hat got frogged and recasted again with one more inch of stitches for a more comfortable fit. Sometimes in knitting or crocheting you have to frog an item, ( frogging = rip it rip it rip it) lol! Talking about frogs, in Men Who Knit group at this guy sends me an email telling me that my knitting is twisted. I go along for a couple of emails as I was surprised that someone will tell me the right and wrong way of knitting. Little did he know that I would post his commanding email on the boards for everyone to see and then others united in My Collective to rebel against this assimilation. He had sent similar emails to other people. The odasity of this jerk,little did he know that I am Bajoran and that I walk with the Prophets. It was Kai Winn dressed in Drag ha ha ha! It was by all means The Holy Knitting Inquisition. Maybe we belonged to the Borg Collective and was looking for the ilussive Perfection of the Omega Molecule or was from the Omega Directive of Starfleet to go and boldly perform random acts of unsolicited advice throughout the galaxy. I told him , eventually, that he should mind his own business and to stop telling me what to do. Who elected him the Borg Queen? Was resistance Futile? I don't think so! Thanks for stopping by.

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Deneen said...

I look forward to a review of "Interweave Felt" on Monday (please)

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