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Monday, July 23, 2007

Warrior's Hat Update and some Yarn

Today I went to my client to test the hat on his head. I was a great Fit. I have never worked with Lamb's Pride for a hat and I was at a point that I could undo one or two inches without losing the design I have already created. I decide to do this before it got too big.

During the test I saw that I will be needing a 4 to 5 inch brim from this point. The choices of colors is alternating colors , a ribbing like in knitting, maybe I will knit it . It will be in both colors, maybe alternating colors or maybe something else. I will let the yarn tell its story. So far the yarn has told me lots.

Here is some wool in very bright spring colors, it actually is like Easter or they can be for baby items. You can also make some felted Hot Pads or make some Coasters, a Tea cozy? I was a little disappointed because the colors are more bright than I expected, but the yarn is really good. This material is definitely great for felting, even though I have not felted with it. I will take it upon myself to felt something so that I can properly say that it can be used for felting. Some of this wool will be for some of my exchanges and some for gifts.

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Anonymous said...

OOOO,,, those yarn colors are yummy, and that hat is looking excellent! I can see me in it, walking around Torino!

Deneen said...

The hat is working up so nicely!

Love the colors of yarn you bought.

naomi said...

Love the hat and the yarn !