Sunday, July 15, 2007

Purl one,Knit One ,start a sweater , Just One!

I find the ribbing stitch to be one of the most beautiful stitches in knitting craft. You are probably asking yourself what am I talking about, right? I hate making that ribbing P1, K1, then on and on and on until you finish the row, then do the opposite K1, P1. Unless you are in circular needles and that is another story. With circular needles you have the choice of doing the same stitch over and over again without the need of turning the work.

Here you see my hands halfway through the back ribbing. That is for the back of the sweater. This will be the same sweater I made 10 years Ago, but with different materials and different color combination.. I am not going to disclose the material used at this time, because some people seem to get biased by materials. I think the material will do just fine. It could be cotton, wool, acrylic or a combination blend. This will be my first Knit Sweater in 10 Years.

The pattern that I will be using is made of 3 sets of cables (the Same Cable) and the rest in some kind of rib pattern which is to be determined in the next day or two, I have not decided yet. The ribbing of the sweater is the most beautiful part of the sweater and the most difficult to make in my opinion. I guess I am practicing to make some socks later on. As part of my projects I have socks, crochet skull caps, some Fair Isle Hats and maybe some mittens. I just want to be ale to have WIP (Works In Progress) that I will be able to finish as I go along.

There will be crochet projects as well. Crochet and knitting , the alternating of both crafts, helps my hands and wrists to do a different repetitive motion without being overtaxed by one. Talking about projects, here is the resting place of the Windmill Afghan. This leather Chair is very cold and the afghan is cozy and warm. Together they make a great combination just in front of the Fireplace! I will be posting my progress and other projects as I go forward in time!

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naomi said...

I can't wait to see the finished sweater.
The finished afgan looks so warm and cozy on the chair.

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