Monday, July 16, 2007

Christmas in July 2007 and then some!

Christmas in July? It seems like it, I decided this year to get my Yarn way ahead of time so that I can start making stuff for the Holidays. I will be working in multiple projects at the same time, but the will have deadlines for my own sake. lol! Otherwise I will be with so many UFOs that nobody will be able to save me from myself. Nevertheless I have these creative urges to get rid of some yarn by making something.

Where did I get it? I got this Hand Dyed Wool from Ebay and the seller is , I can tell you that this picture does no justice to this wool. I will definitely be buying some of my wool from this Store. I got a good deal and look forward to doing business again in the near future. Well it really made feel like the Holidays are very close. I don't know about you, but I would spread Holiday Joy all year long.

I am one of those people who loves Christmas, and I don't let anyone give me any Grinch stories, what is the saying bahamba!, If you want to be miserable then lock yourself up and be miserable alone ha ha ha! Well I have been reading a lot about knitting, I just bought 3 E-books one of them being Stranded Color Knitting by Nanette Blanchard that is very interesting, You end up purchasing, as a download of course, from I am almost done reading it. I am also reading the Knitting without Tears. On another level I am reading the "Last Jew" in Spanish, a very interesting book of a Jew in the time of the Terrible Inquisition, in specific the Spanish Inquisition, I am on Chapter 6, not a bad book. I remember one of the characters as a real character in life, Tomas de Torquemada , First Grand Inquisitor of Spain, and confessor to Isabella of Spain. I enjoy multitasking this way , and don't worry I will not get confused or lost, it is very challenging and keeps my mind Sharp!

What will I be making? What do you guys and gals think of a cabled sweater where the sweater is white, but the cables are red and green? Should it be socks (I am learning) , or a hats and scarves? Well I could use my software to create a pattern. Last year I bought Instant Stitch Sweater Design Version 2.22. It was working in XP, but now in Vista I had to re-install the software and running the software, you right click on the Icon and get it to the compatibility mode and check mark , Run as administrator. It means it will run, as I have tested and runs well. So anyone out there that has this version you can install it in Vista and it works, but when you do as I just explained in this paragraph.

So there was more yarn and needles and other goodies from Joann. I am planning on making this Tree of Life Cardigan Sweater . I will definitely make some adjustments and I don't know if I will make the neck the same way, but pretty much it will be a great gift for myself. I promise that I will do my hair in a different way!

Thanks for stopping by.


Deneen said...

Pretty yarn-now I have another seller to stalk!

I like the sweater-yes, perhaps if you wore your hair up I could envision it better (LOL)

Crafty Andy said...

Ha ha ha ha, LMBO, you are a gift Deneen! I don't know when I will be able to stop Laughing!

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