Saturday, July 14, 2007

Knitted Four Panel Afghan Completed

Before and After

I finally finished the making of this new Afghan in less than two months after it was unwound. It is made in Paton's Yukon , with size 15 needles. This textured Afghan is made in four panels , each panel is comprised of 28 stitches.

The panel is started and ended with a Garter Stitch. The Garter stitch is the textured fabric that you make by knitting every row. Doing this will make you be able to have a piece of fabric that does not curl and that it is easy to put together when you are assembling them together. Starting and ending with 4 K stitches leaves you with 2 sets of 10 stitches to process or 20. I did love math in school even though I found it boring, lol!

The pattern idea is simple k4 *(P1, K9),( P9, K1)* k4 and from this basic pattern you continue to increase and decrease the particular set of stitches in this manner like K4, P2,K8,P8, K2, K4 ... until you have K4, P10, K10, K4, then you reverse the stitch like K4 , K10, P10, K4 ... until you have K4, P10, K10, K4.

You may want to just reverse directions when you hit the first K4 P10, K10 K4 and go down in reverse always remembering to keep those 4 stitches in front and back of garter stitch.

One thing that I noticed, when you cast on the stitches you may want to do it a little tight, then for the first row or two of the garter stitch as well. This I believe will give you a tight border. I used 8 rows of garter stitch at the beginning of the panel and 8 rows at the end. The gauge is not very important, the consistency is. Use a counter, or write down the row you are in. The only way for me to never loose count is to have two counting meters going at once. One mechanical and one manual by pencil and paper. If you don't count you will not be as successful as I have been in creating a nice piece that you are proud of.

Well I hope you did not get confused, I was just trying to tell you about my experience and sharing a little bit about myself. The recycled Afghan has risen from the unwound ashes as a beautiful Phoenix. I am proud of my work and I want to thank you for stopping by!

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Deneen said...

You should be proud! The colors are gorgeous-nice job Andy!

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