Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An internet Bully , His name is Matt

I write this on 06/13/2007. His name is Matt . He is from New Hampshire. He will not stop, he will use different names, but don't be fooled. I have tried so hard to not allow him in my group at msn. He continues to apply and disguises himself. An Internet bully is a low life being that hides behind an email address or a nickname and acts in a cowardly way. It has taken me around 6 months to decide to report this in my blog, because if someone googles his email or his MSN Nickname they will find what kind of trouble he is. He wants you to feel sorry for him, but don't be fooled, you will feel sorry about letting him in., He is a coward and has been very mean to a lot of people. Mean people Suck...! He is an embarrassment to the Gay community, an embarrassment to the Crochet and Knit community. He will definitely go to Gre'Thor!

This guy is trouble in any group that you have, he comes from MSN,and it is in MSN that he is causing problems. As far as I know he causes no problems in yahoo. this is his latest IP Address if you show full headers on the email application it will tell you the originating email IP. He tried to report me to msn and then I turned it against him ,because his last email as Matt and as Theo Lost were from the same IP Address. Busted
Someone said that it was breaking privacy laws, the fact that I published his emails addresses. I do not think so. Why does he wants to join a group with multiple ids? Is he trying to do something? Email addresses are public domain and you can get them easily, specially from hotmail. Everything can be bought in life, but Love. Even you, who visited my page, I know the IP Address from which you enter. Do you think it is Useless? Who knows if that is his real name, but at least is the one he uses most. I am sure the Great State of New Hampshire is big enough to have at least 10,000 Matt, Matthew or whatever ,if that is his real name. The IP is real and I go for that. How do you think that they track Children Predators? In my opinion that pataq'h falls in the same category, a troll and an Internet stalker. By IP ADDRESS!!!!! I don't think so, besides I can assure you that Matt Does not go to the Library, he is a classless lowlife pataq'h. This was the only way I had of really making a difference, as you can attest by the comments, I am not alone. Life will make its karmic imprint on him some day!
All these are his MSN Nicknames. Well he disguises himself as women and as other people and disrupts your groups. Well if you do not have message approval on your group, turn it on. I think that the approach to this bullying has to be approached from a different perspecitvie. You can not keep them out forever, but when you allowed them in you can monitor their messages forever. Yahoo provides such a tool and MSN does as well, with this tool you can have a member on moderated status forever. This is the solution in my opinion!
So if you feel like giving this person an opportunity go ahead, but moderate his messages all the time. Is the only way for him to behave. Thanks for all the suggestions to my inbox and all the group managers who have contacted me.
I managed to keep him out by being diligent and creating a questionaire and a rule for the group. If your applicant does not have an active Blog, they will not be approved. He will not give up. What he can not do is have a blog for each of his personalities.
m_m_a_p7 (Yahoo ID)
Winnie1Pooh1 (MSN )
**************** ****New ID as of June 21, 2007 New as of 08/26/2007 New as of Sep 14, 2007
If you have the ability to see the Originating IP address of the email you can do a seacrh here at this site
Last IP Address as of 08/26/07, 09/14/2007
This is from an email he continues to send to people will he ever stop?

"From: "Matthew Provencher"
Subject: GOODBYE!
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 13:00:26 -0400

By midnight tonight, June 30, 2007, I will have deleted all email and contacts from this address, and will stop accessing it. Any mail received here after midnight tonight will be filtered as junk and deleted w/o reaching me, EVER! I've tried several times throughout the month to re-establish contact and a possible friendship with you, but you have not replied to any messages."
Update 08/30/07
I have committed myself of exposing this guy for who he is. He will keep on trying to get into everyone's group, just because he is mean and wants to be an arse. If you let him join to ease him and moderate him, he will try to get in with a diffenrent name, but the same attitude lol! He is so crystal clear in his application, and he has a problem, he can not avoid being Matt, sooner or later he will reveal himself. Remember don't answer his email asking you why is so difficult to get into your group, he will report you as spamming. Ignore him , he can't stand that, but will quit eventually. I just block his emails.
Today this is what he wrote on Sept 14, 2007 after I did an IP search and it was the same Ip as the Junglegrrrrl
Update 09/14/07
"What does where I'm from have to do with anything? Do you have a problem with NH or something? Where are you from? Don't you have a busy enough life to not bother looking to find out where every email comes from? Pathetic, and rather invasive IMHO. Thanks for accepting me and banning me immediately. Why don't you get off the internet you sick weirdo? BTW, I looked up your blog when I got your email. You're fuXXXXg ugly dude."
It is you who is UGLY in the SOUL Matt!
These Links to help you with Newbies:
You need to belong to this group to use this
Great Resource
This is where you can get information on IP Addresses very accurate, people think they are anonymous , think again, it can pnpoint your address very accurately.


Deneen said...

Doesn't he have a life? I don't get it-I hate bullies also. It looks like he applies to all MSN boards too-weird.

Crafty Andy said...

Since he has not stopped trying to get into the group, I am just letting the world know who he is.

Share the joy! lol!

Anonymous said...

He has done this in groups i've been in. wicked.

Anonymous said...

The reason Andy cancelled him was that he posted snide comments about other peoples' work, particularly those who were beginners.

The amusing thing was that when HIS work was received in swaps, it was definitely poor in quality.

The last thing a noob needs is Matt/Justin/Marc Antony telling them how shoddy their potholders are.

'THAT CROCHET GUY!!' said...

I'm really surprised to read all this about the guy.
He just posted a couple of emails to

He mentions you, not by name, but by someone who re-joined recently.

Some people need the attention, I guess. I've had to deal with a couple of jackasses over the years as well, most of them were female.

Has he done this to someone else?
Sounds like he might have.

Good luck, and i hope he gets tired, and moves on to something else.

Ken "That Crochet Guy"

Deneen said...

Bugger is persistent, isn't he? Gah-maybe it'll stop now.

Anonymous said...

Searched for Matt & found your blog about him and think people should know what he said to me.

I had a charity website called BWCharityCreations where I freely shared all my sewing, crochet & knitting designs. I finally took it down after different people stole my patterns. Some posted them as their own designs and one person even stole all of my sewing pictures & patterns and was selling them as doll clothes.

Here's his email to me including the subject line:

Subject: Hello Douchbag, Goodbye Bitch

Anyone who posts free patterns that are used mostly by people making items for charity, then flies off the handle when one or two people use them in the wrong way, is crazy. You should sue the people who violated your copyrights, but offering free patterns for people to make charity items, then pulling the patterns hurts all those poor babies! Do you even realize how many times your site shows up on search engines, only for people to get there and find all the patterns are gone? What a bitch!

Unbelievable that someone would send me an email like this and this man desperately needs medication and/or counseling.

Barbara Wampler

Crafty Andy said...

That's why I decided to print this in the internet. If people know about him and they can moderate him in their groups, he will be a great addition to the diversity of the group. He is bad tempered and ill mannered to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who that guy Matt (or whoever he is this week) has been bothering. I thought I was just being picky...He has been bothering me since I opened my group 2 years ago. One day he's Matt, then Mary, then Theo and lots of different names.
I have banned his membership under several names. He don't take the hint the he isn't wanted anywhere.
He keeps trying to get back into my group. But that will never happen....and if by chance he changes his nickname again and lies and gets back in, it won't take me long to figure out who he is because of the way he words things.
Thank you all for putting this where everyone can see it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting people know about this vile,hurtful person.
He has been trying to get back into our group for close to two years now. We recently let him back in under Theo Lost ,not knowing it was HIM!! He is gone now and has re-applied again under same name .I'm just letting him sit there cause he hates that.
He has hurt feelings,almost made one of our manager's quit and just plain rude and tried to tell us how to run our group.
I guess he get's a kick out of it.
If he ever applies at your MSN group you better remember all that you have read here today.
He is a bad person .
Thank you , Dari

Crafty Andy said...

He is such a fool, I can track to within 25 miles of where he lives by ip address along.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,this is Dari again.
I would like to thank you for keeping us updaated on all the names this stupid Matt uses. I checked back this morning on your blog and found out that the new person junglegrrrrrl was Matt. I went back to my group and deleted his membership. I don't know how to do the IP Address thing so I am glad you are here for us. We have since just hid our group because of him. Why don't he get a life???
Thanks again for being a nice person and helping us in the MSN groups.

Crafty Andy said...

This is what he wrote today as I discovered his attempt to get into the group.

"What does where I'm from have to do with anything? Do you have a problem with NH or something? Where are you from? Don't you have a busy enough life to not bother looking to find out where every email comes from? Pathetic, and rather invasive IMHO. Thanks for accepting me and banning me immediately. Why don't you get off the internet you sick weirdo? BTW, I looked up your blog when I got your email. You're fucking ugly dude."

Matt is is you who is Ugly in the Soul!

Anonymous said...

Does this stupid guy ever give up? I have received these in the last three days. I keep denying him and he keeps re applying. This morning I banned all three. How do you get rid of this creep?

I'm an assistant at Knitting Rocks Crochet Rules, and we've been asked to join any other knitting and crochet groups management ever belonged to to check them out. We should all work together to create a harmonious community on MSN. I'm a member of 6 other craft groups.

I'm an assistant at Knitting Rocks Crochet Rules, and we've been asked to join any other active craft groups to check them out. We should all work together to create a harmonious community on MSN.

Excuse me, but I did not break any rules at your group. I did not deserve my membership canceled, or my re-application to be denied. I cook, bake, crochet, knit and am an AM at 2 MSN Groups. Please email me to tell me why I am not being allowed.

LET ME IN! I belong in this group. I'm very artsy crafty.

It boggles the mind why people create MSN Groups, but then restrict membership w/o even giving someone a chance.

I knit, I crochet, I cook, I bake. I share recipes, patterns and pictures on groups. I notice you've removed your group from the directory today, but of course, it is still on MSN, and anyone who saw it in the listings before can still find it to apply. You have no reason not to accept me w/o even getting to know me.

Any group hosted by MSN should be willing to accept anyone who shows enough interest to apply, and to reapply after receiving denial emails. If you will not accept new members, please move your group to another server besides MSN that allows you to keep it closed to only your clique.

OK, stop this game. Either accept me and give me a chance, or accept me and ban me. Aren't you sick of denying applications?

If you don't want me in your group, it's your loss. But why keep wasting your time denying application after application? Why not try clicking the accept button once, and give me a chance? I obey rules. If I don't you can ban me, simple as that, but it will not be necessary.

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