Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tote Bag in the working!

In case you have been wondering about what I am up to well, I have been making a Tote Bag. A forst for me and it is lots of fun.

So where in the world is this happening? Well if you thought Crochet Depot you guessed right. At Crochet Depot we are having a Tote Bag exchange. No pictures yet. I have created a nice pattern and I think my partner will like the colors that I have chosen for her. I am using Lion Brand Chenille. Today I purchase the fabric for the lining of the Tote. I bought two pieces of fabric so there are Two possibilities. I think that any of the two will be perfect for this bag. Later on I will post the pattern I created.

On the other hand I am still working on my Teddy Bear, I think that maybe by the end of next week I will be done with the rest of the Jointed Teddy Bear. There have not been any challenges so far that I have not been able to overcome. There will be more pictures later , I just want to keep you updated on my crochet and knit world. Thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

Deneen said...

Can't wait to see the bear and the bag!

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