Friday, June 09, 2006

Purple & Yellows, Some WIP become just yarn!

This is a very deep purple and sunshine yellow. They were suppose to be dishcloths, but I think thay are too pretty. LOL. Yet as I mentioned before, I would rather used them as washcloths.

Very elegant for the kitchen. This was my attempt at combining these two colors and I am very pleased with the outcome.

On the other front I had some WIP that I got distracted, or bored with them as they may have been two dificult or I did not see results fast, or I just got bored with either the pattern or the way they looked.

Victime number one the Bobble Stitch Sweater. I just put it aside and was not in the mood. Yesterday I decided it was time to become several balls of yarn once more. Maybe it will be part of a Granny Square Afghan, or maybe some placemats. Who knows! The fact is that it is no longer half a sweater.

Now my other WIP the Bajaron Meditation Afghan is also suffering from the same problem. Wel it was suffering from the same problem as I decided to redesign the afghan and use the fuschia to create a Granny Square Quilt afghan for which I am Known for. This time there will be 8 inch squares and let's see what trouble I can get myself into by making a crafty mosaic with the design. The new design you will like because it is very simple yet the complexity of the design is in the assembling of the squares. Once I have four squares done ,then I will be able to define the design the afghan will take. I am using the same gauge and hook. I believe it will really motivate me to design this afghan and maybe sell it for profit!, Maybe I will trully use it for meditation while praying to the Prophets.

Yes there is a definte ferengi tone in my voice. I have read the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, have you?

Thanks for stopping by and remember that I am more than my craftiness and more than my bajoran persona. I will take my leave of you today and until next time. Peldor Joi!

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ladylinoleum said...

Andy, I *love* the color of the Bajoran afghan. It is awesome! You're right about the dishcloths too. They are much too pretty to be dishcloths.

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