Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Soap in a rope 06/06

The item on far left is the soap in a rope, then there are two washcloths. The soap in a rope was my mystery pattern at my MSN group --->>> http://groups.msn.com/crochetdepot it is made out of 100 % nylon thread. I really liked the look of it and it works great on yor skin. Later on I am planning to do a back scrubber, and some other items for the liberated man. It is time that we men got some attention in the bathroom and personal care area. LOL.

One of the things that I have found is that there are not enough items for men in the world of knitting and crocheting, besides sweaters , scarfs and hats. Nothing wrong with that, but when you see posibilities, it is a shame to waste them. Is like reinventing the wheel.

I am working on a Quilt Afghan of my own design, inspired on things I see. It is like a sampler as I am working the pannels out of 8 and 4 inch granny squares. I think you will like the end result. I will post a picture of the work in progress later this week. Yes It comes from the UFO s that I had before, that are now works in progress. Sometimes I lose motivation if the pattern becomes too complicated or too tiresome for my hands. I like the challenge of seeing a pattern taking shape. Well thanks for stopping by and come back again.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Andy! I have to agree about the nylon. It's great for exfoliating. I've done several washclothes with nylon on one side and a soft thread on the other. One side for cleaning and one for exfoliating.

Did I read that right? Did you frog that stunning fuschia afghan? I absolutely love that stitch pattern.

And, when you say that you soak the plantains in salt water, how long do you mean? Is it just while you're getting other things together and getting them frying? Or, is it a necessary step that requires more time?

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