Another day in DS9 is dawning!

Personal Log entry stardate 06092006:

I have been so frustrated in my way of thinking and my emotional upheavals have been unmitigated by my art. Life continues on as we get a chance to glimpse at the universe through the eyes of a child. I am not a child anymore and I don't live in Dahkur Province , anymore but as of this moment I have diced to move back to Bajor for good.

After going through so much in the past 3 years, I have grown to a point that I no longer want to be away from my home. I am not going back to the same place, but close enough to start a new beginning. I have been blessed with the craftiness of my family's D'jarra's , some of them were artisans and I got some of that in myself. One thiing is for sure I am glad the caste system does not exist anymore. People seemed more happy, even though some are lost without a cast sytem. I personally believe the gains are more than the losses.

So here I am at the temple on the station chanting :
  • Jia kasha tren tolaren, lapor ilani kor. Enna tana talinok. Jia kasha treyna tolaren, lapor ilani kors, enna jia kasha tren.
It is a Prayer to the prophets asking for protection or their favour. I need their blessings as this is a time in my life where I am making a big bold move. I have never been shy away from making major changes, and now is not the time to have second thoughts about what I want to do with the rest of my life. My family for the first time feels very close and I want to take advantage of this.

I need to do my regular morning rounds through the science lab and then through ops. I think I am going to invite Dax and , Nerys for some rahtktujino's later at Quark's., but first I need to go to the holodeck for my excercise routine.

I will be going to the Yolja River, at the Kendra Province and using oars? Interested? Just follow me, we will have fun. Here you will also see a holo picture of the river's delta. I have to go now.

Computer end personal log entry encryption Alpha Delta Kappa Ydan 22.


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