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Saturday, June 24, 2006

June06 Dishcloths Exchange

To go to the Crochet Depot site you will need to click on the link below and it will take you to our group. There is where the exchange is taking place and I got my partner for June's discloth exchange Candy and here is what I got from her. She was so clever as to make one of the dishcloths around a scrubbing circle pad. I also got two magazines and some very nice scented candles.

The other dishcloth is a set of trousers held together by a nice red ribbon. This was also a very clever idea that I like. If you like to exchange things like these and Pot holders, you can join our group at msn. http://groups.msn.com/crochetdepot , you will need an MSN passport account.
You can also join our exchanges by clicking at the square on the right you will be directed to our Exchanges Guidelines. We also have a Granny Guy Square exchange , for charity.

Go , find out for yourself, don't let rumors run alone, find out by clicking & going to http://groups.msn.com/crochetdepot/grannyguygrannysquareexchange.msnw
for more information about our Granny Guy Square Exchange. Who was Granny Guy?
Click at the link below and it will take you to his blogspot

1 comment:

Calypso said...

Really, this afghan should be hung on the wall of an art gallery when it's finished, Andy. A very prestigious art gallery.

It is simply beautiful. You are truly an artist.

How many panels will there be, altogether?